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New Year, New Me!

Let’s start this post by saying a massive Happy New Year to all of you amazing people! Have a great 2019!

What is a new year?

A new year isn’t necessarily as literal as it seems. Yes, it’s the start of another 365 days or 52 weeks or 12 months but it’s also a new chance to get things right. A new chance to start over. Forget the mistakes you might have made in last years and start afresh on a clean slate. Reinvent yourself as a better person.

For me, this new year means getting prepared for my upcoming GCSEs and looking at my options for my future after GCSEs.

New Years Resolutions

Many people create new years resolutions at the start of every year. Many people also fail to stick to these resolutions, normally only lasting until February. I don’t set resolutions myself as they often become a constant reminder of something I have failed. Instead, I just give myself guidlines of what I want to achieve in the year.

This year I want to:

  • accept myself for who I am – this means not changing myself to “fit in” with others
  • work on getting good GCSE grades
  • become more confident in myself
  • improve my blog stats
  • and finally, just enjoy the year as much as possible.

The reason I say they are guidlines is because they are things I will aim to do but if I don’t I haven’t failed something.

Do you have New Years Resolutions or guidlines like me?

Sophie xx

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Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s finally the 25th of December – a day we’ve been waiting for all month and now its time to be happy, spend time with our loved ones and spread Christmas cheer everywhere we go!

Christmas day is such an exciting day so I’m going to leave you all to your festivities!

Wish each other a Merry Christmas in the comments!

Until next time,

Sophie xx

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Santa’s on his way! – Blogmas day 24

It’s Christmas Eve everyone!

Christmas Eve can be stressful but often it is also exciting. The stress comes from making sure you are prepared for the big day tomorrow – preparing the veg, making sure all your presents are wrapped – but the excitement comes in the evening when Christmas day inches closer minute by minute.

On Christmas Eve, I always used to get a mince pie and sherry out for Santa; I would put a carrot and reindeer food outside for Rudolph and I would leave a key and a Santa Stop Here sign outside. It was the most exciting thing ever! It would fill me with joy and excitement knowing that a man from the North Pole would travel around filling children’s stockings and putting presents under the tree. It would be difficult to sleep but I was always told that Santa wouldn’t come if I was awake so I made sure I slept soon enough.It was wonderful to think that when I woke up, presents would be there waiting for me to eagerly open. But on Christmas morning, I would never jump to open my presents alone – I would always wait for my parents to be awake first!

Now though, Christmas Eve is my day to help out in the kitchen and relax later on. Maybe I’ll even watch a few Christmas films!

What do you on Christmas Eve?

Sophie xx

P.S. Santa’s on his way!

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Thank You! – Blogmas day 8

This is just a little post from me to say a massive thank you to all of you wonderful people supporting my blog. I was so happy when I saw that I had reached 100 followers on this blog! I never thought I would have reached such a huge milestone in under 5 months, so thank you everyone for your incredible support.

I started this blog back on the 31st July this year (2018) and I was hoping I could use as my little creative space to talk about anything I felt like. I have certainly fulfilled that but I have also managed to make so many others happy through my writing. It is so great to know that you are bringing a little spot of sunshine to other people’s lives doing what you love most.

It didn’t take long for my blog to grow from 10 to 50 to 100 followers and every milestone has given me the confidence and inspiration to keep writing quality content for all you lovely readers out there so thank you for that.

Along with reaching 100 followers, all your wonderful thoughts have meant that I have reached over 100 comments across my blog with an average of 4 per post! My total likes have reached over 200 likes with an average of 6.5 per post! This has made me feel so great and I want to thank each and every one of you for these wonderful milestones.

Thank you everyone, I appreciate all of you equally!

Sophie xx

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Winter fun! – Blogmas day 6

It’s officially winter and there are some things you just have to do no matter what. Today I am sharing with you three of my favourite things to do in winter!

1. Go for a walk in the snow – The moment the snow reaches you, you have to go out for  awalk in it, it’s a once a year opportunity for a lot of people as it really doesn’t stay long here in the UK and we don’t know how long we’ll have it for (thanks to global warming!)

2. Go to Christmas markets and winter fairs – These are the perfect way to get into the spirit of the season. Seeing all the lovely crafts and gifts that people have created is just so fasinating and the food is always so yummy too!

3. Do some winter themed baking – Nothing beats some homemade cakes or biscuits especially when they are winter or Christmas themed! Get baking and feel free to tweet me with your creations!

That’s all from me today! What do you like to do in this beautiful season?

Sophie xx

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Hot chocolate! – Blogmas day 5

hot chocolate 1There’s nothing better than coming in from a nice walk in the crisp weather and making yourself a rich creamy hot chocolate to warm yourself up with. Hot chocolate is one of those irresstable flavours and when topped with marshmallows and cream its even more gorgeous. The beautiful creaminess of everything melting together is just divine. Nothing quite compares to the luxury of hot chocolate. It’s not only the flavour that is so good either; the smell is heavenly!

And how about curling up on the sofa with your mug of hot chocolate, a blanket and a fire to make you feel cosy and warm even if its cold outside! Hot chocolate works wonders in winter!

hot chocolate 2My favourite hot chocolate is the M&S dark flakes that you have to melt in a pan with milk! It makes sucha rich creamy hot chocolate and it smells gorgeous when its being made! When you next make hot chocolate, don’t use the powder with hot water, find a packet of hot chocolate where you have to actually melt the chocolate. You won’t ever go back to the powder and water again, I promise you. Nothing tastes more chocolatey than actual melted chocolate!

Now, I’m off to make a hot chocolate!

Sophie xx

P.S. 20 sleeps to go!

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Just me and my music! – Blogmas day 4

Sometimes you just need a little music. A song to sing to; a song to cry to; a song to dance to. A song to help your anger to release itself; a song to clear your anxious, panicked mind or maybe just a song to have in the background of all your thoughts. Or maybe you need to make your own music and play your own instrument. Whatever the need, music will be there for you – like it is for me.

Music is one of the things that is a huge part to my life. Without it, I’m not really sure where I would be right now. I listen to music at any opportunity I get as it just keeps me going. For instance, right now, I have music keeping me company whilst I write this post. When I’m on my way to school it’s there keeping me company. When I’m home alone it’s there keeping the silence away. When I’m studying, it’s there giving me the motivation and focus to keep going. I could literally sit here and list every possible opportunity there is – but I wouldn’t want to bore you obviously!

When I’m having a bad day, music is the one thing that cheers me up. Whether that’s playing my piano or listening to upbeat songs, it never fails to lift my mood. I also find that listening to piano music really helps to relax me. I don’t normally enjoy classical music that much but piano music is something different! Its much more calming and fascinating to listen to. Piano covers of pop songs are great too. I often use piano music when I am studying as it is so relaxing and focusing. I stay focused for so much longer with piano music than with any other music!

Continuing with the topic of piano music, I must mention how great it is to be able to play the music yourself. I have had piano lessons for almost a whole year now and it gives me such a great feeling to be able to play my favourite songs as a piano cover. It also gives me a great sense of achievement when I play a song without any mistakes. Personally, I find that playing my own music focuses my mind on the music more than my swirling thoughts.

For anyone who doesn’t play their own instrument, I would highly recommend getting yourself some lessons and starting. Piack an instrument you love the sound of and get started! You could even begin by just using YouTube tutorials if you are not confident enough to get your own lessons or if you don’t have the money. (I started to teach myself the piano a couple of years ago through YouTube tutorials and it helped me to become familiar with the instrument before starting any lessons. I also felt a little more confident going to the lessons.)

A little promise I must make to you is that it is never too late to discover music, its beauty and its benifits to you. Share your love of music with others as well and you can find people with the same taste as you. Or even share your own covers or original songs and get the feedback you need. Tell me what your favourite style of music is or who your favourite artist/group is! Maybe we are similar, or maybe someone else might like your music too! If you create your own music, feel free to share that with me too!

Life would be so boring without music but we are all lucky enough to have access to such a beautiful creation in our lives, so embrace it and share it!

Sophie xx

P.S. 21 sleeps to go!